7 Facts About Artificial Sweeteners, Not As Healthy As You Think

Who here likes to eat and drink sweetly? It’s good if you reduce the number from now on! Moreover, for those of you who like to eat packaged foods and drinks. Behind the delicious taste, it’s hidden hidden sweetener without you knowing it!

Approximately, how many artificial sweeteners in the foods and drinks we usually consume? And how dangerous is that? Let’s look at the following facts!

1. Give sweetness but no calories?

Artificial sweeteners have many kinds. However, there are at least five types of artificial sweeteners approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), namely saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame and sucralose.

The reason why many artificial sweeteners are chosen is because it tastes sweeter, cheaper, but without calories. However, because it is free of calories, artificial sweeteners do not have the effect of satiety. Finally, we tend to consume more food or drinks in compensation for the calorie vacuum.

2. Foods that you don’t realize contain artificial sweeteners

You can find artificial sweeteners anywhere. In fact, in foods that you normally consume everyday. For example, jam, pudding, candy, canned food, biscuits, ready-made popcorn, snacks to bread-rotian.

Therefore, always pay attention to the labels listed in food packaging before buying it, huh! Careful and careful choice is a sign of smart consumers. However, that does not mean you have to avoid 100 percent, reducing consumption is enough.

3. The following drinks also contain artificial sweeteners!

Drinking a cold soda will definitely relieve your throat. But, please stay alert! Because soda, canned juice, bottled tea or other packaging drinks contain artificial sweeteners!

Based on the Health Line page, soda is made from carbonated water, sweeteners, dyes and artificial preservatives. In addition, there are no significant nutrients from soda that we can get. In fact, too many artificial sweeteners can trigger more serious health problems later.

4. What health problems can arise from artificial sweeteners?

Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Manitoba’s George and Fay Yee Center for Healthcare Innovation Canada found that artificial sweeteners can cause a variety of serious health problems. For example, high risk of gaining weight, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes to heart disease! Horrified huh?

Related to obesity, the Medical News Today page states that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain, increased body mass index (BMI) to enlarge waist circumference. Artificial sweeteners also affect cholesterol to increase the risk of stroke in the future.

5. How naturally does the body tolerate artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are known for their sweeter taste. In fact, the sweetness can be 30 to 3,000 times that of ordinary sugar! Therefore, the Food Unlock Canada page released a list of artificial sweeteners and their normal consumption limits.

As acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) can only consume a maximum of 15 mg / kg body weight, aspartame is about 40 mg / kg body weight, saccharin is around 5 mg / kg body weight and sucralose which can only be consumed 9 mg / kg body weight. The use above is not recommended because it has a negative impact on the body.

6. Artificial sweeteners can deceive the tongue, but not with our brains

A study shows that people who consume artificial sweeteners gain weight on average. Why? Apparently, artificial sweeteners can manipulate hunger and increase our appetite, you know!

Artificial sweeteners can also encourage us to eat in large quantities continuously. In addition, the World page mentions that other side effects of artificial sweeteners are hyperactivity, insomnia and decreased sleep quality.

7. What can be used to replace artificial sweeteners?

Feeling overthinking after reading the points above? Well, you don’t have to worry!

There are many other substitutes to replace the role of artificial sweeteners. Among them are honey, nectar, natural fruit juice, until maple syrup. Besides being more natural, these ingredients are also rich in benefits for the body!

Now that’s the facts about artificial sweeteners that you need to know. Reduce consumption of artificial sweeteners and start a healthy life!

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