Avoid these 7 types of consumption if you want your satisfaction smooth until open

Happy fasting! How are you satisfied, is it smooth? Have you felt weak, dehydrated or drowsy badly? Hmm, it could be, you eat the wrong food, bro!

Yup, food contributes a big role to make your satisfaction smooth or not. Wrong choice, can make you weak all day. Arrange the strategy carefully and beware of the following foods!

1. Jerky and preserved meat

Jerky is practical. If we don’t have time to cook, just eating rice with jerky is already very delicious! But, in fact, this preserved meat like jerky can make us dehydrate quickly!

The protein content in it is quite high, the salt content too. In fact, sodium has the property of absorbing water from our bodies, according to the page of The Daily Meal. Therefore, you should avoid consuming beef jerky or other types of meat that are preserved during sahur, huh!

2. Soda

Who can resist the coolness of cold soda? The sensation that tickles in the throat is liked by many people. However, avoid drinking soda when dawn, huh! High sugar content can make you dehydrate faster. Don’t want to be dehydrated during the day?

High sugar drinks create acids in the body, inhibit enzyme function and exhaust the kidneys, said the Daily Meal page. Moreover, artificial sugars that suck water from the body and make the organs work harder to process it. This includes other high-sugar drinks such as syrup, tea packaging and the like!

3. Coffee

After eating sahur, how come it feels sleepy? Finally, you rush to the kitchen and make coffee. Eyes become literate, but the effect is you become more dehydrated! Coffee itself has diuretic properties and causes you to urinate faster than you should.

Caffeine in coffee also speeds up dehydration. The content in it makes the kidneys get rid of sodium and water faster than our bodies. Better, avoid coffee at dawn, huh!

4. Salty soy sauce

You might be surprised how soy sauce can be on this list. Moreover, some foods will taste tasteless without soy sauce. Such as, soto, fried rice, stir-fried chicken and so on.

In fact, soy sauce has a fairly high sodium content, which is 914 mg per one tablespoon. With the same dose, sweet soy sauce only contains 698 mg of sodium.

As we know, sodium can absorb water and cause dehydration. Even so, why don’t you add soy sauce in the cooking, as long as you don’t have a lot of it?

5. Fried foods

As an Indonesian, fried foods are unavoidable in our lives. Without it, it feels like something is missing and awkward. In fact, we all know, the oil content in fried foods is not healthy for the body.

Page The Daily Meal states that this type of consumption causes dehydration faster. Moreover, the average fried food is salty, makes you thirsty faster, anyway! If it’s inevitable, don’t forget to balance it with enough vegetables, fruit and water!

6. Popcorn and other salty snacks

Hayo, who here has the habit of snacking after eating sahur? Moreover, if snacking snacks such as popcorn, potato chips or cassava chips. It’s really good, but the high salt content in it can make you thirsty fast.

Besides not being healthy if you consume it too often, this snack has high sodium levels. Small popcorn contains 550 mg of sodium, while potato chips contain 188 mg of sodium per 100 grams. Watch what you eat!

7. Foods high in carbohydrates

Rice is the staple food of Indonesians. It’s impossible in one day not to eat rice. However, eating rice also makes us sleepy and weak. Approximately, why?

High carbohydrates make a high glycemic index too. FYI, the glycemic index is the standard used to measure how fast food is in increasing blood sugar levels. In short, rice does cause drowsiness because the body’s reaction after eating rice triggers us to produce the hormone serotonin and melatonin.

Yes, you can still eat rice. But, limit your portion, not too much. Don’t you want to get drowsy when you’re at school, college or work, or during tarawih prayers at night? Interferes with productivity!

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