Eliminating Trauma with Music, How to Do it?

Besides being used to change mood, it turns out that many people believe that listening to music can also eliminate trauma. Is that right? Check out the reviews below to find out the answer.

Can eliminate trauma with music?

According to a study from Frontiers of Psychology, music therapy is believed to be one way to deal with stress and trauma. This is evidenced in a study conducted on children aged 8-11 years who survived natural disasters.

The result, quite impressive. Almost all of the children managed to express their feelings about the incident and were able to manage their trauma. How could that happen?

Music therapy is a therapy that uses music that is therapeutic by a trusted expert. Usually, this type of therapy is gradual and aims to help others to express feelings and emotions that are difficult to express.

In fact, several studies have shown that listening and playing music on a scheduled basis, including treatments that are quite effective for mental health disorders.

This might be due to several things, such as:

– Music produces positive effects, such as lowering cortisol levels and blood pressure
– Song lyrics can increase empathy and positive mindset
– Music makes people feel connected to their own feelings

These three things turn out to be a pretty strong point why eliminating trauma with music sounds effective.

That way, music will have a positive effect on your mental health, such as:

– reduce stress and anxiety
– moods and emotions become more positive
– increase control and confidence in yourself
– get positive physical changes, such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate

Still in the same study, there was a musician who used music as a reminder of trauma. The musician mixed elements of humor into his song to help others overcome the stresses of disturbing thoughts.

How does music work to eliminate trauma?

Humans apparently have long used music as one of the supporters of healing for an illness. This is because the songs you enjoy listening to can help the healing process, both physically and emotionally.

Eventually, music therapy began to be available in several hospitals because it was able to help patients deal with emotional trauma and physical pain. In fact, music can also help patients to be more confident, happy, and connected to those around them.

Music can also be used by people with dementia and brain disorders. This is because music is produced through a different process than verbal communication.

Thus, people suffering from dementia can still express themselves, communicate with loved ones, and live the day with enthusiasm.

However, not everyone has succeeded in relieving trauma with music. In some cases, there are still people who have difficulty coping with these fears and feelings.

However, it never hurts to keep trying so that you can be free from trauma that might interfere with life.

Tips for finding music therapy

Maybe some of you feel you can resolve the trauma by listening to music as you wish. In fact, music therapy will be effective when accompanied by experts.

Usually, this therapy is available in certain hospitals or clinics. In fact, there are several day care centers, schools, rehabilitation centers that provide this program.

It aims to make music therapy easily accessible to the surrounding community who need help.

Eliminating trauma with music is considered quite effective because it helps you express yourself. If you find it difficult to get out of past trauma that haunts life, consult with experts to get the right treatment.

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