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Impressive Minimalist Plant to Live Up Your Interior

Interior design is never complete without embracing nature.

Ranging from landscape printing or floral pattern, nature becomes a great source of inspiration.

How about bringing the real one into your room?

Minimalist plant majorly contributes to evoke natural nuance in any room.

Variety of plans are available to decorate your interior.

Most of the indoor plants require minimum treatment so that you have nothing to worry about.

Ranging from succulent to hanging plants, these plants are typically fine with minimum sunlight as well as water.

Do you need some ideas of indoor plants to elevate the beauty of interior?

Keep scrolling and you will find 5 impressive plants to decorate any room.

Embrace Nature with These Minimalist Plant Ideas

1. Succulent

minimalist plant background

Who does not know succulent?

Being in the same family with cactus, this plant is a great addition for your interior.

The small size makes it a great table top decoration, especially when combined with matching vase.

Succulent consists of variety of shapes, allowing you to obtain its decorative look by combining several kinds of succulent.

2. Hanging plant

minimalist plant based diet

Either for outdoor or indoor, hanging plant always becomes a great addition to your house.

There are many kinds of plant that can be hanged indoor, one of which is available on the following picture.

Combined with decorative plant hanger, it does not take too much effort to enhance the beauty of your interior.

Interestingly, this plant does not require much treatment.

To make it more beautiful, combine this minimalist plant with appropriate pot that is similar with your interior concept.

3. Nordic style plant frame

minimalist plant pots

Do you like to pick some flowers while walking in the city park?

Then this Nordic style plant frame will suit you best.

The decoration frame is made from wide with small jar that allows the flower remains fresh.

You can change the plant every 2 days or until it turns withered.

4. Elegant Monstera as indoor plant

minimalist air plant holder

Monstera is one of most popular indoor plants to elevate the value of any room.

This plant has large leaves with unique holes that create specific pattern.

Monstera does not require too much sunlight as well as water.

However, it will be enough to bring natural nuance into your room.

This minimalist idea works best to be combined with minimalist furniture pieces such as table or kursi, which means chair in Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Large plant, why not?

minimalist plant wall art

Do you think to have large plant for interior?

Yes, you can go for it. Having large indoor plant is also a good idea to embrace nature.

However, it is necessary to find the right kind of plant unless you want to ruin the entire decoration.

Besides, make sure to bring occasionally bring them outside to absorb more sunlight.

Indoor plants are great choice to enhance the beauty of your interior without too much effort.

The natural color with decorative look makes it a nice addition for any room.

All you need to do is choosing the right plant for the right space.

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