Resignation Letter Due to Illness

There are many reasons that make you have to leave your current job.

One of the most common reasons is health problem or illness.

When this happens, you will need to write a resignation letter due to illness.

Like the other resignation letter, it has important aspects to be included with a purpose to create a formal, professional, and courteous letter.

This letter generally informs your employer that you cannot continue to work with them due to illness.

You may choose either to let the employer know the specific health problem you are suffering or keep it private.

However, there is no obligation to provide detail condition related to your resignation reason.

So, how to write the right way?

Tips to Write Resignation Letter Due to Illness

Resignation letter, however, is required to be personal.

It means the letter should be able to reflect your personal condition and thought as clear as possible.

In case you want to try to arrange the letter by yourself, here are some tips to take into account:

1. Know to whom the letter is addressed

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First thing first, you have to really know to whom your resignation letter should be addressed.

As an employee, you are required to know who the authority in what within the company.

Even though there is an option to greet with To Whom It May Concern, it will make your resignation letter due to illness less professional.

Find information as much as you can related to whom it should be sent to.

2. Know the basic elements of the letter

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Another important aspect to know before writing a resignation letter is the basic elements.

Like the other business letters, it should contain information about your identity (name, position), intention, and closing.

Not to mention you also have to employ polite greeting for resignation letter is included into formal type.

However, do not exaggerate when choosing words.

3. Know what to write

Your intention must be clearly mentioned, in this case you can say that you have to quit due to health problem straightforwardly.

If necessary, enclose medical certificate or other relevant documents to convince your employer that there is none other reason that illness.

However, you may also keep it private and mention the reason generally without explaining your problem in detail or enclosing medical certificate inĀ your resignation letter (read more example in this Indonesian blog contoh surat pengunduran diri).

4. Find samples

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Writing a letter could be overwhelming, especially because you have to arrange words and sentences appropriately.

If you do not have much time for this, simply find resignation letter samples.

Most of them are available on the internet with many variations, including resignation due to illness.

When writing a resignation letter, chances are that you find it is hard to deliver your intention in the right way.

You have too many ideas but cannot find proper words to express your thought.

When this happens, all you need is inspiration. Internet provides you wide array of resignation letter samples, allowing you to create professional letter with ease.

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