What Causes Water Pollution?

Water Pollution – Water is one source of life.

Water also has a vital function in life.

This is because almost all compilers of the human body are water.

In addition, water is used for daily needs such as for bathing, washing clothes and cooking utensils as well as for irrigation, etc.

The following is a complete explanation of water pollution.

Starting from the benefits of water for life, water pollution in the environment, sources of water pollution, the effects of water pollution, causes of water pollution, examples of water pollution, ways to cope with water pollution, etc.

Benefits Of Water For Life

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1. To fill fluids in the body

All living things need water without exception.

Both humans, animals and plants all need water.

Almost all compilers of our body are water.

Lack of water can cause dehydration.

2. Helping daily work

Almost all activities in the household need water for drinking, washing, cooking, watering plants, etc.

Imagine if the water in our environment is polluted, this can cause you to get sick because the water you consume is no longer clear.

3. Helps cleanse the body

Water can help you cleanse your body so that your body is free of germs and diseases.

Therefore, we must protect our environment so that the water we use is always clean.

4. Helping in agriculture

Water is the main source of livelihood, including plants.

If plants lack water can disrupt the metabolic process in it so that it can cause wilting and die.

Water is very important in flowing irrigation.

5. Maintain healthy skin

Water can help moisturize the skin so that it can prevent dryness.

Water Pollution In The Environment

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Water pollution is the inclusion of components that mix with water, thereby reducing water quality.

These components include elements, energy, and other substances.

Water pollution includes seawater pollution, contamination of ground water, river water, and lake water.

Based on Law No. 3 of 1997 states that water pollution is a decrease in water quality due to the entry of living things, substances, energy into water due to human activities.

The decrease in water quality can be caused intentionally by human activities.

An example is throwing garbage in the river and others.

Water Pollution Sources

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Water pollution can be seen based on the following indicators:

1. Physics Parameters

This parameter is used to determine the level of water pollution.

One indicator that can be observed is the color of water, smell, taste, and turbidity.

2. Chemical Parameters

In this case the parameters observed are pH, organic matter and the amount of heavy metals in water.

3. Bacteriological parameters

This is done to determine the bacterial content in water.

Parameters observed include the amount of coliform contoh surat lamaran kerja, puristic, and pathogenic in the water.

4. Temperature Parameters

Temperature can be used as an indicator to prove that a water is polluted.

This is because some organisms such as bacteria are very sensitive to changes in temperature in water.

Therefore, the number of bacterial populations in an aquatic environment can be an indicator of water pollution.

5. Taste and Odor Parameters

One indicator of water pollution is a change in taste and odor.

Clear water generally has no taste and smell or is commonly known to have a neutral pH.

Polluted water usually smells bad, smells of gas, feels bitter and sour.

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